Thursday, February 24, 2022

IoT MVP launch

First of all, what is an MVP and what is it for? The answers can be found in our article.

A minimum viable product is a version that contains only core and critical functionality. It is because of this functionality that people want to use the product and recommend it to others. That's why we ordered professional production of our 3D models on high-quality 3D printers so that they have an attractive look. Basically people care about looks and even if they only want functionality, they still want things that look good:

Both the choice of functionality and the look are important for successful MVP marketing. To support the sales campaign and spread the word about our product, we have also developed the landing page.

To start, attention, production

After receiving feedback from beta testers, we found a few things to improve. Since this was the main goal of our beta testing, we were delighted that everything went as it should. Therefore, we improved the product and ordered a large number of devices from professional production. We do not assemble devices in our office as this is not our specialty and also we would not be able to do it as efficiently as a professional factory. Therefore, we have reached our goal and it's time to start selling.

End? Of course not!

Our product is developed, it is successful and we are growing every second. Is this the end? Of course not, we would not dare to call it even the beginning.

Once you launch a product, what's next? Find out here.

Thanks for attention!

IoT development stages

 Create a 3D Model

Having a technical description and all the specifications for each component of the equipment, you can start working on a 3D model of your device for an MVP solution. We designed and printed our model on a 3D printer.

To check that the device really looks and feels like it should, you can watch a short video.

The model still has the wrong production look, but the size and functionality are correct. Right now we can check if this is what we expected.

Start beta testing

Our minimum viable product is ready, so let's start testing on the first customers.

First of all, we decided to start testing the product in our office. We installed 7 appliances in 7 rooms (3 meeting rooms, kitchen and 3 work rooms). Everyone in our company has installed the app and started using it. Moreover, in order to get different feedback from different people, we have provided products to our friends and partner companies.

The main purpose of beta testing is to identify any issues that we missed before. It also helps to determine if there is enough functionality and whether we have chosen the right functionality for the initial version.

IoT MVP launch

First of all, what is an MVP and what is it for? The answers can be found in our article. A minimum viable product is a version that contain...